About Baan manam

Baan Manam is set back from the lane, which makes it at once really private, and with one of the best seashore access. It is well constructed and the combination of modern building materials used for the base, contrasting with the more traditional wooden first floor accentuate the sense of contemporary design.

With the deep purple and dark green paints used for the foundations, the house successfully appears to float amidst the vegetation that closely hugs it. Baan Manam is built on a simple and effective symmetrical floor plan, with two matching wings articulating out on either side of a main veranda. The veranda doubles up as one covered living space at the rear of the property, and juts out into a sun deck at the front. The two en-suite bedrooms are located on either side of the sitting area and benefit from large open air bathrooms located at the back of the building. Downstairs and to the front of the building is the shaded and private beach sala.

At a Glance

  • 4 people

  • 2 bedrooms

  • 2 bathrooms

  • 4 minutes from clubhouse

  • solar hot water

  • ideal for couples


With its two identical wings Baan Manam is a beachfront villa ideal for two couples, or families with older independent children.

  • from THB 10,900 per night, including breakfast

  • 2 kingsize beds

  • sala on the beach