About the food at the resort

Our kitchen serves mainly Thai food, though we also offer a few western options on the menu, and a range of less spicy rice and noodle dishes, as well as stir-fries.

For breakfast there is a buffet with freshly squeezed orange juice, coconut juice, tea, coffee, etc. Continental options include our home made bread and jams, as well as wild honey from the Savannah. We also serve cereals and fruits, fruit smoothies, as well as a full range of cooked eggs, noodles and rice dishes.

Lunch varies from day to day as we endeavor to change the menus regularly, but there is a bar menu available at the clubhouse from 11am which consists of salads, classic Thai staples such as pad thai noodles, tom yam soup, or chicken satay as well as à la minute wok dishes. If you do not see what you want on the menu, however, do ask and your waiter will try and get it for you.

Evening meals are more elaborate and routinely feature thai favorites: entrees, soups, fish, meat and vegetables curries all feature, as well as desserts, some of them quite unusual and spicy. Click here to see sample menus.

food highlights

thai seaweed served with a traditional seafood sauce all homemade and locally sourced.

Fish & shrimps

Our commitment to supplying healthy food at the resort means that we never buy fish from the trawlers, or from fish farms Our fish is line-caught only, and our shrimps come straight from the sea. All are fresh and none have been frozen – we do not own any freezers at the resort.

Chicken & eggs

We collaborate with our vet on the mainland to produce organic eggs: in November 2016 we granted him a microloan to set up a chicken farm behind his veterinary practice, with the guarantee that we would purchase his whole production. The chicken are fed with left over vegetable scraps and rice from Kaolak’s restaurants, and no processed feeds; they are let out several hours a day to run around and pick up insects in his yard; and whenever ill are treated only with herbal remedies. We can now tell you with complete peace of mind that our eggs come from healthy and happy stock, and are gloriously natural.

Coconut milk

Eco resort thailand homegrown food - a natural luxury

We make our own coconut milk from local coconuts. Actually this small innocuous sentence conceals a huge undertaking: it is very time consuming to make coconut milk because you have to grate the coconut by hand, and we use an awful lot of coconut milk in our daily cooking, and that’s before we even start to make ice cream! But by doing it this way we can guarantee you that the coconut milk is fresh and unadulterated.

Fruit & vegetables

Given our location on a sand dune, there are great restrictions as to what we can grow here, however much we would like to. We have planted an organic orchard, which, with care and dedication, is beginning to thrive. In time we will be able to supply the resort with mangos, papayas, passion fruit, bananas, longons, dragon fruit, tamarind, cashew nuts and sweet coconuts. The lemon and roselle jams on the buffet breakfast for instance are made with organic fruits grown in our garden.

Our vegetable garden is a work in progress and we cannot hope to supply the guests’ kitchen all the time. However we are growing pumpkins, bitter gourds, long beans, watermelons, herbs (lemon grass, thai basil, galangal),
anchan flowers, etc. 

dining at the clubhouse

A Feast of locally sourced and homegrown foods made according to traditional thai recipes to promote wellness and healthy eating

We prepare a new menu everyday, based on the freshest supplies available to us – our daily food boat comes straight to us from Kuraburi market. The menu and prices are written up daily on the large blackboard in the clubhouse. 

On a typical day, the menu will consist of a soup, a choice of three or four starters, four or five mains, and two desserts. We endeavor to compose the menus so that there is something for everyone; from the Thai food enthusiast, vegetarians or the more healthy minded, to young hungry teenagers and those watching their waistline. 

bay beach club

The beach bar is opened everyday from 11am to 5pm. There we serve home-made pizzas, sandwiches and salads alongside wines, beer and soft drinks, as well as snacks and the occasional locally made ice cream.

We can arrange a private dinner for up to six people on request.
Enjoy a candle lit dinner or a family celebration at our Mayula Sala overlooking the bay. 

Group of friends eating homemade pizzas, salads, and sandwiches at the beach bar in the bay.
breakfast buffet including homemade yoghurt, bread and jams


Buffet breakfast is served daily at the clubhouse from 7am to 11am. 
We generally offer two types of home-made bread (brown and white), one home made breakfast cake, home made yoghurt, freshly squeezed fruit juice, coconut water, a choice of muesli and cereals, nuts and dry fruits, home made jams, wild savannah honey and a selection of freshly cut fruit, as well as a selection of teas, coffee and chocolate drink. Breakfast also includes one cooked egg, noodle or rice dish to be ordered separately from your waiter when you are sat at your table. There is an a-la-carte option if you would rather eat a light breakfast.

saturday barbecue

Every Saturday evening we organize sunset cocktails on the beach, followed by a full blown festive barbecue at the clubhouse. The menu will typically include several grilled fish, seafood and meats, as well as satay sticks and various curries including vegetarian options. There are always plenty of vegetable salads and fruits on display alongside rice dishes.

Families enjoying barefoot luxury during a beach barbecue and bonfire in Thailand
dinner buffet with homemade traditional thai food