Naucrates has been running a Sea Turtle Conservation Project on Ko Phra Thong since 1996. In season, staff and volunteers are happy to share and involve our visitors with their efforts to protect the sea turtles. An important aspect of the project is involving the local community and running educational programs in the local schools.

Three different species of marine turtles are known to lay their eggs along the 12-kilometer beach: the olive ridley (Lepidochelys olivacea), the leatherback (Dermochelys coriacea) and the green turtle (Chelonia mydas).

Until recently, up to 15 nests were found on the beach each year, mainly in the first three kilometers past the resort. In recent years however the numbers have dramatically dropped.


During turtle nesting season (December – April) we kindly ask our visitors to help by reporting any tracks on the beach to a member of staff, and not to remove sticks marking the nests. We also try to keep lighting and noise at night down to a minimum to encourage turtle nesting behaviour.

In the way of conservation, we also ask you to pay special attention to not touch, remove or damage any coral when you go snorkeling or diving. Corals are extremely fragile ecosystems and the smallest human interventions can have a large impact. It is encouraging to report that the coral re-growth since the tsunami has been impressive.

Along the same line of thought, you should not collect or remove any wildlife or natural objects – corals, shells, rocks, skins or plants. Feel free to look and photograph but please leave for others to enjoy.





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