Golden Buddha offers first-class tropical massage and spa treatments at our newly opened, dedicated spa sala located a short walk from the clubhouse.


Adapted from traditional Thai massage to energize the body and mind. This massage uses thumb and palm pressure to release muscular tension, pressure is applied to specific points in the body. The technique involves some stretching to relieve stiff muscles and joints. No oil is used.


Steamed herbal pouches from Thailand (called luk prakhop) are pressed along the meridian points of the body providing comfort and pain relief. Using traditional Thai massage techniques, the hot compresses increase circulation and energy flow through the body for a truly healing experience. This treatment consists of a one-hour Thai massage, followed by 30 minutes herbal therapy.


Fragrant oils extracted from herbs, flowers and fruits are used to naturally enhance the benefits of this massage.  Before each session begins, you can choose one of our unique oil blends to be used in your massage lotion.


Clear your mind and relieve nervous tension with our stress-relieving massage. Using relaxing strokes and thumb pressure on various acupoints on the head, neck and shoulders, this massage stimulates and improves energy flow and blood circulation.


This massage has been specially created to relieve muscle tension and sooth away stiffness in the back. Using our exclusively blended spirit oil, palm strokes loosen knotted muscles, while thumb pressure is applied to the meridian lines on the back, from the base of the skull down to the lower back, to relieve tension.


A number of reflex zones one the feet correspond to parts of the body, and by applying pressure to tight or “gritty” areas the corresponding body part will be stimulated and begin to heal itself. Reflexology is recommended for the improvement of general health, to relieve tension and to aid blood circulation.


"World Class Diving"

In conjunction with Blue Guru Diving, Golden Buddha combines world class diving with elements of adventure, exploration and nature for an experience unlike any other offered in Thailand.

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Blue Guru Diving