Yoga as practiced at the Golden Buddha Beach Resort is completely classical and traditional in form yet pragmatic and non dogmatic, influenced mostly by the ancient texts and teachings of Krishnamacharya, father of modern yoga. It is a complete system involving different aspects to balance the body and mind

The morning yoga class consists mostly of asana practice (yoga postures) which helps to increase flexibility and strength of the body.

The afternoon yoga class is a full session of pranayama (breathing exercises) which serves as a way to improve vitality and acts as a preparation for the practice of concentration and meditation.

Twice daily yoga classes
TBH 500 per class
Private (one to one) lessons available: TBH 1,500
We offer packages, payable upfront:
5 classes   TBH 2,200
10 classes TBH 4,000

Terms and conditions: Yoga classes are opened to non residents but guests at the resort have priority. Yoga classes are available to all ages from 12 years old, maximum number of people per class 15.


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