baan tugae


About Baan tugae

Baan Tugae is a classic early days Golden Buddha beach bungalow with its thatched roof, stilted frame, and beachfront veranda. Tropical yellow stucco surrounds the steel reinforced wood pillars, which elevate the house and also form the majority of the structure itself. On the ground floor, the kitchen is located in the shade of the first floor elevation which is reached by a side split-level staircase from the beach front.

Constructed from local timber, the veranda stretches along the front of the house in the shade of the thatched roof. An integrated wooden bench ingeniously forms the front and side railing while also providing additional sitting room. 

A single combined living and sleeping room makes up the house’s interior. Hard wood flooring combines with more natural wood for the walls. Semi-transparent rattan blinds cover the four large window openings on the two sides of the room. The en-suite bathroom with its open air shower is located at the back of the bedroom.

At a Glance

  • 2 people

  • 1 bedroom

  • 1 bathroom

  • 6 minutes from clubhouse

  • ideal for couples


Baan Tugae reflects the early days of Golden Buddha in its simple, practical and well thought design. This is a classic beach front house perfect for a couple.

  • from THB 7,600 per night, including breakfast

  • 1 kingsize bed