Baan Dee

Baan Dee more than justifies its meaning in Thai of “Good House”, and is indeed a lovely house. Every single detail, from the separate connected bathroom to the balance between open and enclosed areas was purposefully designed for life at Golden Buddha, to capture the sea air and really experience the luxury of nature. The classic Thai roofline and grand staircase create a welcoming entrance to this one of a kind home, with a tropical hardwood veranda that wraps around the entire house.

The slopping roof provides both protection and shade. The front area of the veranda is incorporated into the stairs so there are almost infinite places to sit and enjoy the wonderful ocean views. At the back of the house is an equally large sitting area, which offers a unique opportunity to interact with the jungle’s inhabitants. Tropical birds like the Hornbill often perch right outside. The louvered front glass doors provide optimal protection when it rains; yet open up fully to capture the sea breezes when it’s hot. Inside Baan Dee are two spacious downstairs rooms and an upstairs master bedroom. The ground floor can be configured either into a living area or a bedroom (or both). Space is ample as is style, with the liberal use of polished hardwoods and hand woven tapestries. Custom designed furniture completes the decor.

Baan Dee’s bathroom uses the same architectural style. It is detached from the main house and connected with a private walkway incorporated into the veranda. Expect a large shower, ample room, and all the western amenities.

Key Features

  • 4 People
  • 5 mins to Clubhouse
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • Hot Water / Solar
  • 1 Bathroom
  • Ideal for Families



A firm favorite with returning guests, Baan Dee is the perfect house for families with slightly older children, or for couples looking for a home from home on the beach.

SLEEPS: 2-4 adults (1 king size bed, 3 single beds)


  • Unique hidden upstairs sleeping loft great for kids,
  • Veranda that wraps the whole house made from tropical hardwoods

LAYOUT: 2 bedrooms; 1 bathroom, 1 living room and large open-air sitting veranda


BAAN DEE: “Good House”

PRICES FROM: 5,900 THB per night


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