Baan Jai Yen

Baan Jai Yen is a comfortable family home and one of the few houses on the resort built with child safety in mind. The house was recently updated and benefits from terraces to the front and back of the living area, as well as a patio in the shade of the house on the ground floor, complete with lounge chairs. Improvements included a solar panel to provide hot water for the shower, and beautiful new furnishings creating a warm and relaxed atmosphere in the sitting room.

Built of beautifully stained hardwoods on sturdy concrete stilts, the house is well protected from the elements by a spectacular vaulted roof that covers the entire living area, making it an excellent choice all year-round. Its large windows and doors offer spectacular views and give the house a roomy, open feeling with excellent airflow throughout.

Baan Jai Yen features a large master bedroom with a king-sized bed and a comfortably furnished living room that is easily converted into a second bedroom. A child’s room is connected directly off the master bedroom, allowing parents to sleep close to their small children while still enjoying their own space. The Dutch door to the small room can be closed at the bottom to prevent wandering children, and be left open at the top for visibility, and the windows in the room are set high up.

The master bedroom and the living room/second bedroom each have attractive woven bamboo privacy doors, powerful overhead double fans, and secluded verandas with easy chairs.The dining area is equipped with a table and chairs for six people, and a fridge. Electrical outlets and switches are located high off the floor, and the entire living space is on a single level with no stairs or other hazards. The house is surrounded by ornamental wooden partitions that are designed to allow maximum ventilation while preventing children from falling.

Key Features

  • 5 People
  • 3 mins to Clubhouse
  • 2 Bedrooms
  • Hot Water / Solar
  • 1 Bathroom
  • Ideal for Families



A family traveling with small children will appreciate comfortable Baan Jai Yen, which was designed with child safety in mind.

SLEEPS: 2 – 5 adults (1 king size bed and 3 single beds)


  • Built on one level, Baan Jai Yen has a number of child safety features
  • One of the newest houses at Golden Buddha Beach Resort

LAYOUT: 2 large bedrooms (the second can be arranged as a living room), 1 small bedroom/child’s room and a large bathroom, all connected by an inviting kitchen/dining room


BAAN JAI YEN: “Feel Calm House”

PRICES FROM: 5,900 THB per night


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