Baan Tao Tanu

The first thing you notice about Baan Tao Tanu as you approach the house, is that it is different from others at Golden Buddha: the use of carved paneling on the façade as well as the V shaped ‘ka lae’ at the bottom edge of the sloped roof front are typical elements of the Lanna architecture, found in the North of Thailand. Steps from the garden lead to the vast gated veranda, which sprawls out ahead and to the left, offering a secluded sun deck as well as a shaded area in its centre. This terrace is well appointed with sun loungers, large blue bean bags and a dining table.

Great ocean views and cool sea breezes may make this your favourite spot for relaxing with a cool tropical drink and a good book, or just to take an afternoon nap. To the right of the stairs is a more sheltered veranda that sits just outside the main bedroom, looking directly out towards the sea, and furnished with rattan furniture. The entire front of the sleeping quarter is made of articulated glass doors, which open up to the interior. Inside great billows of white linen curtains give some privacy when the doors are folded back to let the breeze in.

Floor to ceiling panels of dark stained wood contrast with the pure white of the curtains to create a minimalist, yet elegant mood. Centred against the back wall is the king size bed with matching woodenhead and footboards. A minimalist approach is taken to other furnishings to maximize the interior space. The bathroom, accessible from both the bedroom and the veranda, also incorporates Lanna tradition. Black stone floors matched by unadorned walls complete the design.

A simple shower, vanity unit and western style toilet are the only modern amenities in this classic bathroom.

Key Features

  • 2 People
  • 2 mins to Clubhouse
  • 1 Bedroom
  • Hot Water / Solar
  • 1 Bathroom
  • Ideal for Couples



Its Lanna architecture is what makes Baan Tao Tanu special. It is a beautiful and select house, and a favourite for couples looking for pure relaxation and something different.

SLEEPS 2 adults (1 king size bed)


  • Aesthetically beautiful and different from other houses at the resort
  • A large and sunny veranda to relax the days away

LAYOUT: 1 combination bedroom/ living room, 1 bathroom


BAAN TAO TANU: “Green Turtle House”

PRICES FROM: 4,200 THB per night


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