Baan Chang

Set at the farthest edge of the resort’s property, Baan Chang offers access to the longest stretch of beachfront.

This uniquely designed beach house is constructed almost entirely of native wood, stained to a rich deep brown. Baan Chang’s design takes a creative twist on the classic-elevated stilt house in that eight massive wooden pillars support the structure, thus creating a large deck and living area underneath the house, which extends outward to the beach. The open area is prolonged underneath the house by a sheltered and shaded space. The deck is made from the same matching dark stained wood as the main structure. Beach furniture, tables, chairs, and two integrated benches complete the decor.

Baan Chang’s unique and creative design is reflected also in the entrance to the first floor of the house. Unlike most beach houses where one enters through the veranda, this house has stairs that lead up and right inside the main room from the sheltered deck below. The resulting feeling is one of homeliness and greater privacy. The other advantage of having no stairs leading to the veranda is an enhanced use of space for sea gazing: from there, the view of the ocean is unobstructed and spectacular.

A single spacious room makes up the living and sleeping quarters. Three large windows on either side keep the house open for cooling sea breezes while rattan blinds offer total privacy. More stained wood makes up the interior walls. Against the back wall are large integrated shelving units and two closets with double doors for all of your island attire. Centered in the room is a king size bed for lounging away the afternoons and for a good night’s sleep.

Toward the back is the partially enclosed bathroom with open air shower (walls all around, but open roof). Native wood is complemented by aqua-green ceramic tiles for the shower area. A western style toilet and vanity unit completes the bathroom.

Key Features

  • 2 People
  • 10 mins to Clubhouse
  • 1 Bedroom
  • Hot Water / Solar
  • 1 Bathroom
  • Ideal for Couples



Set at the farthest edge of the resort, Baan Chang is the perfect choice for couples looking for privacy and comfort.

SLEEPS: 2 adults (king size bed)


  • One of the furthest houses from the clubhouse Baan Chang has access to the largest section of beach front
  • Very private

LAYOUT: 1 combination Bedroom/Living; 1 Bath


ROW: 1st Row

BAAN CHANG: “Elephant House”

PRICES FROM: 6,800 THB per night


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