Baan Naga

A house for all seasons with its solar water heater and 24h solar electricity, Baan Naga is very unique. More than most, it reflects its owner’s acute sense of style and attention to details. The roof for instance is clad with Thai temple tiles. It consists of five layers of roofing, and an overall design that incorporates Burmese elements.

The underlying concern behind the design of Baan Naga was to create a solid structure, capable of weathering the great storms of the rainy season with minimum maintenance, whist still harnessing the cooling effect of the sea breeze. Thus it is a large solid house, built very close to the shore on high columns, and boasting the use of the finest quality materials. It is cool and breathy, and its generous layout allows guests to unwind and resource in its very serene space. The view out to Hornbill rocks under the setting sun is captivating.

The owner wished to project an elegant simplicity, to create something a little more than a beach house, a place that was opened yet protected, a home. He successfully weaved elements of a childhood spent in the Far East, such as the tatami made of Japanese reeds in the bedroom, or the teak furniture carefully bought from eco-farms in Bali. Outside the main bedroom/living space, the bathroom is full of surprises. Somewhat more than a simple washroom, it incorporates a large dressing area as well as comfortable seating.

The 360 view articulates around a unique center piece of hardwood which houses the sink, mirror and open shelves.

Key Features

  • 2 People
  • 14 mins to Clubhouse
  • 1 Bedroom
  • Hot Water / Solar
  • 1 Bathroom
  • Ideal for Couples



Baan Naga is perfectly suited to these romantic occasions when guests treasure their privacy. Whilst it is the furthest house from the clubhouse, it is also the closest to the yoga sala and the new beach bar.

SLEEPS: 2 adults (1 king size bed)


  • Solar generated 24h electricity and hot water
  • Maximum privacy

LAYOUT: 1 combination bedroom/ living space, 1 large bathroom


BAAN NAGA: Naga is the Sanskrit word for the wise god who takes the shape of a great snake in Hinduism and Buddhism.

PRICES FROM:  7,400 THB per night


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