Baan Tugae

Baan Tugae is a classic early days Golden Buddha beach bungalow with its thatched roof, stilted frame, and beachfront veranda. Tropical yellow stucco surrounds the steel reinforced wood pillars, which elevate the house and also form the majority of the structure itself. On the ground floor, the kitchen nestles in the shade of the first floor elevation which is reached by a side split-level staircase from the beach front.

Completely constructed from local timber, the veranda covers the entire front of the house. The thatched roof extends to completely cover the ocean-facing sitting area. An integrated wooden bench ingeniously forms the front and side railing while also providing additional sitting room. A table and lounge chairs complete the furnishing. Louvered wooden doors make up the front of Baan Tugae. They open up fully to the veranda allowing the cooling sea breeze into the house.

At night or during an afternoon nap the doors can be shut to create total privacy. Above these doors extending to the roof is a wooden centerpiece in the shape of a rising sun. In between the sun’s extending rays is open area for ventilation when the doors are closed. A single combined living and sleeping room make up the house’s interior. Hard wood flooring combines with more natural wood for the walls. Semi-transparent rattan blinds cover the four large window openings on the two sides of the room.

An integrated closet and shelving unit form the back wall. Centered in the room is a king size bed covered with fine tropical mosquito netting. Baan Tugae has a single en-suite bathroom at the rear of the bedroom. This spacious and well-designed tropical bathroom has both open and enclosed areas. More natural wood is paired with locally made ceramic tiles. A large open air shower is concealed by high walls and wood railing. A western style toilet and sink complete the furnishing.

Key Features

  • 2 People
  • 6 mins to Clubhouse
  • 1 Bedroom
  • 1 Bathroom
  • Ideal for Couples



Set under the shade of tropical trees, Baan Tugae reflects the early days of Golden Buddha in its simple, practical and well thought design. This is a classic beach front house perfect for a couple.

SLEEPS: 2 adults (king size bed)


  • One of the classic original homes at Golden Buddha

LAYOUT: 1 bedroom with en-suite bathroom, 1 veranda


BAAN TUGAE: “House of the Tugae gecko”

PRICES FROM:  6,800 THB per night


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