Ko Phra Thong


Ko Phra Thong is named after a local legend of a buried treasure. As the story goes, many years ago a band of pirates attracted by the island’s isolation, or perhaps ship wrecked by rough seas, buried a Golden Buddha at an undisclosed location. There is no record of the treasure ever having been discovered, and it may well be hidden somewhere in the confines of our tropical island resort. Nevertheless this legend gave its name to the island, and to the main beach on to which the resort lies.


The island lies off shore from Phang Nga, a beautiful Thai province, boasting great natural and cultural diversity. Geographically it stretches from the warm waters and sandy beaches of the Andaman Sea on its west coast, to a rain forest covered mountain range and jungle only thirty kilometers inland.

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Ko Phra Thong itself forms the middle link in a chain of islands. It is largely flat with great expanses of inland savannah. It has long uninhabited beaches fringed by coconut palms, yet a local population of only ca 300 people disseminated across three villages: on the north shore Bak Jok, also known as Lion’s Club Village; a small fishermen village on the eastern shore called Thapayoi; and Thung Dap, a rural outpost in the south.

To the north of Ko Phra Thong lies Ko Ra, a long and mountainous island covered in ancient rain forest. Its terrain is quite inhospitable to humans but does contain a large number of animal species, and unusual tree specimen. It is a great destination for a day out, or even overnight trek for the more intrepid travellers. If you would like to arrange a trip to Ko Ra, please contact us for information.

The third island in the chain, Ko Kho Khao, is located south of Ko Phra Thong and offers a similar geography to Koh Phra Thong, though it is fast becoming a dedicated tourist destination.

Sixty kilometers west of the island lay Thailand’s top diving site, Richelieu Rock. Ko Phra Thong is also the closest island to stunning Ko Tachai and the Ko Surin national park islands.


In addition to its fine beaches, Ko Phra Thong has large mangrove swamps and wide, open stretches of savannah teaming with wildlife. Birdlife is especially rich with over a hundred species having been sighted on the island. For a number of years Golden Buddha Beach Resort has had a close working relationship with an international conservation group called Naucrates, which support the protection of the wildlife and natural resources of the island. Naucrates have been particularly successful at educating the local people on how special their island is.



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